Picking that Perfect look!

Review of the Layout:

The entire infographic is split almost perfectly into four vertical lines using the immediate photos as a vantage point. There aren’t any issues with the different hair color swatches either, which is surprising given the necessity of an exact match visually. I enjoy how the whole piece comes together.

Review on the Content:

Now let me preface this with I know every little about hairstyle. Other than that this really taught me a whole lot more about hairstyle than I ever imagined I would need or want to know. However, it does trend as a very interesting topic and I would recommend this infographic to any person who is looking to spice up their look with some new hair. A combination between style and color can obviously drastically transform a person to look entirely different.

Final Verdict:

Very appealing design and a massive knowledge dump for those uninformed about how hairstyle can affect an individuals look. Check out the original in it’s full glory here.

4 Tips for choosing your perfect Hairstyle

Tips to Stay Secure in a Digital World

Review on the Layout:

A tough guy image for a serious talk about our internet security. The light back ground and white text could have been simplified if only a black stroke was placed behind it. Overall though the look of the infographic does allow some easier feelings about a very serious topic consistently talked about in our digital age.

Review on the Content:

These five tips are the bare minimum that every individual should be doing in order to keep themselves safe in a time where we keep so much of our personal information on our devices or in the cloud. I am a strong activist for keeping as much of yourself offline as possible, but when necessary ensure that a constant change in strong passphrases are used. All of the information here is great and would recommend anyone who doesn’t follow these rules to begin doing so immediately.

Final Verdict:

Great look on an often overlooked topic in our information overloaded society. Nothing would make me happier than to know everyone is following these simple steps, and hopefully seeing this will get just a few people to being abiding by these simple rules.

Computer security tips Infographic

Tips to keep valuables safe in a storage container!

Review of the Layout:

I love the cute little drawings in this infographic that give it a vibrant, uplifting feeling to a task that can seem incredibly daunting to some. Throughout there are a few cases of too much text to be easily readable, but the titles for each entry sum up well enough to not be daunting.

Review of the Content:

For someone who has never had the luxury of self-storing all personal belongings this guide is extremely helpful in the event it is ever needed. Never would it have occurred to me to wrap chair legs in bubble wrap to protects them or keep multiple aisles throughout the storage cube to make easy access. Great information all around here and will definitely use it when moving later on.

Final Verdict:

Great look at a few things to consider when storing many of your most valuable possessions. Having to leave much of your belongings in a storage facility can be stressful. Attempting to combat both pests and the elements, but keeping these few things in mind can help put your mind at easy! Check out the full infographic in it’s original location by clicking below.

Self Storage Infographic