Can I Still Go To College?

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Most of us worry about the gas prices. However, only few people think about the college tuition fees. If you must know, college fees have increased dramatically. And if this will continue, only few Americans will have a quality education.

I wasn’t aware of it until I found the infograph below.



Let’s be real. One must be backed up with great education in order to survive in this competitive world. If you are not going to enroll for a college degree, you’ll fall for odd jobs. Also, there are other sects that will be affected. The number of teachers would be lesser because of the high tuition fees. And that can be a chain reaction.

For me, this is a clear wake up call. We have to give importance to education. Yes, gas and other economical factors are important. But we must put value on degrees from college schools. Otherwise, we’ll be having a country with less productive people.