Give Your Employees A Web Surfing Break

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A lot of my friends are working in the corporate industry. Most of them are obviously stressed. When asked what’s the reason for their ‘negative’ vibes, they told me that they are over worked. However, I have some friends who are also in the same industry. Surprisingly, they are happy people. Yes, they have a lot of reports. But what keeps them working is that their employers are generous. They can have a ‘personal’ time during working hours. This means they can surf the web and they are allowed to open their facebook accounts.


At first, I thought that allowing facebook access at work can lessen the productivity of the employees. But I was proven wrong. The infograph above is backed up with studies and surveys.

This should be read by HR representatives and employers themselves. It’s about time that they loosen their belts. Yes, you need to be strict when it comes to work. But you also have to remember that you are dealing with humans and not robots. You wouldn’t want your workers to overheat, right?