How You Can Impress That Sexy Lady

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You have been rejected by girls for countless times.

And yet, you still don’t have an idea why such happens to you!

Maybe, it’s about time that you pay attention to the details in the infograph below.

Yes, the illustration can be a bit humorous. But hey, that’s what I call reality. If you are a self – confessed ‘heavy -drinker’, you might want to decrease your alcohol intake.

What I love about this infograph is its straight approach. You’ll easily identify if you are the guy on the left, or the guy on the right. You might as well look at the mirror. If you have major resemblance on the 2nd guy, it’s about time that you get a major overhaul.

Yes, I know that a person should love you for who you are. But of course, if you look like a trash and you do nothing about it, don’t expect other people to appreciate you.

I believe that this is an eye opener for those who would like to have a date.

They say that ‘first impression lasts’. Even if this saying is true or not, it’s safer to create a good impression than to lose your date on your first try, right?

Use this graph as your guide and I’m sure that you will be catching the biggest fish in no time.