Picking that Perfect look!

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Great look at what to consider when picking a new hairstyle.

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Great look at what to consider when picking a new hairstyle.

Review of the Layout:

The entire infographic is split almost perfectly into four vertical lines using the immediate photos as a vantage point. There aren’t any issues with the different hair color swatches either, which is surprising given the necessity of an exact match visually. I enjoy how the whole piece comes together.

Review on the Content:

Now let me preface this with I know every little about hairstyle. Other than that this really taught me a whole lot more about hairstyle than I ever imagined I would need or want to know. However, it does trend as a very interesting topic and I would recommend this infographic to any person who is looking to spice up their look with some new hair. A combination between style and color can obviously drastically transform a person to look entirely different.

Final Verdict:

Very appealing design and a massive knowledge dump for those uninformed about how hairstyle can affect an individuals look. Check out the original in it’s full glory here.

4 Tips for choosing your perfect Hairstyle