Soon To Be A Water – Less World

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You just had your steamy hot shower…

You just had your everyday supply of ice cold water…

You just had a beach party with your friends…

What’s the common denominator of these 3? Well, the answer is obvious. From those 3 activities, we all need water.

Water is really important. Practically, you can’t live without it. But do you know that only few people are concerned about water, marine life in particular?

I’m going to share with you an infograph which I saw recently. Please see below:



A lot of people would like to earn money. In fact, they want to earn more than what they should. And that’s what I call greedy. And because of that greed, they use resources without thinking the future effects of their business activities.

There are business magnates who are involving themselves in “aqua -cultural” activities so that they can produce more profit. But what does it do to the marine life? If you will try to dive in, you’ll see that the marine’s habitat is slowly deteriorating. And if we don’t do anything about it, it will soon be gone.

The infograph above is something that we all must share in our blogs and social media accounts. It’s about time that you disseminate ‘good’ information.