What is an eSIM? How do I use it?

Review on the layout: This infographic is is minimalist and I love it. The purpose behind a good infographic is to convey information quickly with as little effort as possible on the reader. With a minimalist layout there are few flashy colors or distracting elements to pull the readers eyes away from the important pieces […]

Tips to Stay Secure in a Digital World

Review on the Layout: A tough guy image for a serious talk about our internet security. The light back ground and white text could have been simplified if only a black stroke was placed behind it. Overall though the look of the infographic does allow some easier feelings about a very serious topic consistently talked […]

Communication Showdown: Just Pick Up The Phone!

Review on the layout: This is a nice Infographic to look at. The images and text are great. It clearly illustrate what this Infographic is all about. The color blending is just so right that it’s not too bright to hurt your eye nor too dark that you can barely see it. Review on the […]