The Underground Facts of Marijuana

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There are a lot of¬†advocacy¬†regarding marijuana. A lot of organizations are pushing laws to strictly prohibited the use of this ‘wonder’ of agriculture. Just so you know, the government is spending millions, even billions of dollars to stop the underground transaction. But as I look at the study given in the infograph below, there is no doubt that they are wasting money.


As I have said, we spend a lot of cash trying to prevent the outspread of marijuana. However, it is evident that you can easily have one if you wish to.

This infograph is truly a wake up call most specially to the government. If they really want to put a stop on this, they should make careful plans. They should be strictly implementing those. If not, why not legalize it? After all, it is being shown that in parts where marijuana is legal, the number of users decreases.

How can you explain this? It’s actually simple. The more it is being restricted, the more that we want it. It’s human nature.